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What is a Sister City

Sister Cities are two cities (or communities) that work together to make each other stronger. There are many levels of involvement that the cities can have with one another. Typically, as the cities become more involved, more social, economic, and cultural growth is fostered. As the involvement grows, more programs that include exchange of students and international expansion of businesses grows as well.

Fun Facts Between Philadelphia and Frankfurt am Main

Both Have Famous City Halls

The Römer is one of Frankfurt's most important landmarks.
Consisting of three steep gabled houses, it presides over
the Römerberg square, and has been Frankfurt’s city hall
for over 600 years


From its completion in 1901, Philly's City Hall was the world's tallest habitable building until 1908. It is still the largest municipal building in the country.

 Both Cities Are The "Fifth" Of The Countries

- Philadelphia is the fifth-most-populous in the United States
- Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany

Unique Cultural Experiences in Both Cities

- Philadelphia is the only World Heritage City in the United States. On top of hosting America’s first birthday, it started the country’s first daily newspaper. It is home to America's first zoo, the nation’s first hospital, and  the nation's first library, etc.

- Frankfurt has top museums lined at both sides of the Main river. The Southern bank alone is home to nine museums, including the Museum Giersch and Deutsches Architektumuseum - the German Museum of Architecture.