About us

The German American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia offers networking opportunities for our members and builds relationships in Philadelphia between American and German companies. The GACC Philadelphia is part of an international network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) with 140 offices in 92 countries around the globe.

AHKs in Germany are closely linked to the network of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs). Together, IHKs and AHKs support German companies in establishing and expanding their business relations with foreign countries.

The umbrella organisation of the IHKs is the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which also coordinates and supports the AHK network.

The close cooperation with the German trade associations also ensures that the AHKs are networked close to the companies and markets.

Based on a resolution of the German Bundestag, the AHKs are pro rata supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

AHKs combine three functions at their locations

Official Representative of the German Economy

AHKs are the central players in German foreign trade promotion on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. They represent German business interests at their locations. They provide information about and promote Germany as a business location.

Membership organization

The AHKs gather around them the companies that are active in bilateral economic relations. These members lend weight and voice to the AHK when it acts vis-à-vis politics, business and administration to promote bilateral economic relations.

Service providers for companies

Under the service brand "DEinternational", AHKs offer companies from Germany and the host country services to support their foreign trade business activities.

Sister City

Sister Cities are two cities (or communities) that work together to make each other stronger. There are many levels of involvement that the cities can have with one another. Typically, as the cities become more involved, more social, economic, and cultural growth is fostered. As the involvement grows, more programs that include exchange of students and international expansion of businesses grows as well.

It’s about economic development, it’s about student exchange, it’s about art and culture, it’s about lifting two great cities to even greater heights around the world.
Michael Nutter Mayor of Philadelphia

Mayor's Delegations

Lord Mayor Peter Feldman of Frankfurt, Germany signed the Sister Cities' Agreement with Mayor Michael Nutter in Philadelphia on Wednesday, November 13, 2015.

A Sister Cities' Agreement is a legal and social agreement between two cities to promote cultural and commercial ties. This partnership will be beneficial towards Philadelphia. Frankfurt is the financial capital of Europe and Germany, as the city houses the EU Central Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Frankfurt also is home to the largest airport in Germany and 2nd largest in Europe, which fosters increasing trade coming in and out of Philadelphia. German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in Philadelphia arranged the 1st business delegation between Philadelphia and Frankfurt in September, 2016.

This relationship developed rather organically as the two cities share numerous similarities and connections. Frankfurt and Philadelphia are both the birthplaces of democracy in their respective countries. They also share many companies that are headquartered both in Frankfurt and Philadelphia including Morgan Lewis, Dechert, and Reed Smith. There are existing ties through world renowned cultural institutions, such as Frankfurt Opera and Philadelphia Orchestra. The recognition of connections between Frankfurt and Philadelphia started the discussion of a potential friendship in July 2014. Fast forward a year later, the partnership turned from an idea to a concrete agreement. The German Chamber of Commerce, the local German community, and the City were very excited about this agreement and looked forward to the increasing relations between German and American markets