Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Programs are an innovative and industry-led approach to education. Benchmarked on the German Dual Education System, they are the gold standard of a practical educational model developed in conjunction with technology leaders. They generally combine practice, theory and work to train a globally competitive workforce. Companies get a tailored training program, greater employee loyalty and access to a high-quality candidate pool.

At the end of the program, not only will our apprentices be more experienced and employable than other students their age, but also have a guaranteed employment in their desired field of employment. The goal of the Dual Apprenticeship program is for the apprentice to have a defined set of skills that are acknowledged in the industry but also to be employable by the company.


Our Apprenticeship program is highly company-oriented, it is our goal to fully understand your business and the required skill set for your workforce. With that in mind we can adjust the program’s curriculum to guarantee a workforce tailored to their needs with apprentices that will have a leg up on their competition, since they receive hands-on experience while simultaneously learning theory.


  • Gain Access to a motivated skilled workforce!
  • DOL Registration
  • DIHK Certification
  • Sustainable training program
  • Reduced recruiting costs
  • Reduced employee turnover