Workforce Development

The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GACC Philadelphia) is the foreign office of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which administers vocational training in Germany. We are here to support and develop sustainable skills development programs in the US based on the German model.

Apprenticeship is the proven method of passing on skills to a new generation of professionals, while building and developing those skills toward future success. It is the foundation of the German economy and the reason the country remains an exporting nation with SMEs accounting 99.6% its companies.

GACC Philadelphia's program management and quality control ensure that everyone rises together.

In 2023, the Industrial Training & Education Consortium of the Lehigh Valley (iTEC) was founded. Please find further information here: 

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Benefits & Qualifications:

Registered with the P.A. Department of Labor and Industry

All of our Apprenticeship Programs are registered by the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry and have been approved by the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Council and the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship.

Certificates & Associate's Degree

Our apprentices will receive certification from PA Department of Labor & Industry and their associates degree from a local community college. Further, they will participate in the DIHK (Chamber of Commerce & Industry) final examination and upon successful completion they will receive the DIHK German certificate, which makes them employable beyond the US.

Grants & Funding

With our broad network and contacts to the PA State Department of Labor and Industry and other county workforce development boards we are always looking for additional funding to minimize the investment on the company side. Those grants can help pay the apprentices tuition fees and their wages.